WR-C Aurora Services


We provide a comprehensive retail property advisory service, from agency to professional services covering every retail channel.


Factory Outlet Centres

WR-C Aurora is recognised as the market leader for advising tenants in the Factory Outlet sector. Having advised and negotiated on transactions in nearly every key outlet centre and stand-alone sites across Europe over the last 18 years. We enjoy unrivalled market intelligence and benefit from long established professional relationships with all the major landlords and developers.


Our dynamic approach allows us to tailor a strategy, whether to suit the latest fashion concept pursuing their first site; a multinational brand seeking a more aggressive expansion plan or a fresh food offer that meets a special set of criteria. WR-C Aurora’s market position and client base ensure we offer full coverage and exposure and the latest, often off-market, opportunities.

airport retailing

We have significant experience and expertise in this rapidly growing arena — from intelligence and market research for a particular airport to the relationships we hold with key European airport operators. We understand the detail required for any Tender document considering the challenges faced operationally and the complexities in the financial modelling of the deal.


At WR-C Aurora we recognise the need to provide an all-encompassing one stop shop for our clients on all their real estate needs. We offer expert advice and property solutions for the head office or showroom requirement. Whether a 2,000 sf office on the outskirts of London or 30,000 sf office/campus in Rotterdam.


Our exposure stretches across mainland Europe, where we enjoy an extensive network of local partners, lawyers and contractors. This ensures our clients benefit from the most accurate and up to date market research to assist their entry or expansion strategies into foreign markets.


We provide expert advice on lease renewals, restructures and rent reviews. The collaboration between our agency and professional teams ensures our clients benefit from the most accurate and strategic commercial advice with detailed knowledge and analysis of completed transactions. That together with our understanding of the relevant Case Law guarantees our clients a competitive advantage